The Most important Being on our planet!

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How can such a tiny creature be so important?

-70% of the worlds agriculture is dependant on these vital polinatorsfor survival. Without bees, most of the foods we know and love would not exist.


-1 out of every 3 bites of food you eat, come from the work of bees.

-According to Albert Einstein, "if the bees dissapear, himans would have 4 years to live"

Studies have named the Bee the most important being on our planet. Despite all they do for us, bees continue to decline worldwide and have even been declared an endangered species. All of this is due to human interaction. The massive contamination that we have created around the world has led to chemicals in the atmosphere and an overall global warming that are the main reasons for a yearly decline of bees in the range of 30%-50%.At the current rate, by 2035, bees will have dissapeared from our planet. We will follow shortly after.

What can I Do?

Prevention and conservation are the key to repairing all the damage we have caused to this beautiful creature. By supporting businesses, educational institutions, community leaders who are part of Bee2be Global Colony,  You will help us build more sustainable practices and regular monitoring within the bee industry. This will help prevent the further decline of this magestic creature and help save our planet. 

You an also make a donation by clicking the "Be a Hero" link above to support our initiative in what is Earth's biggest battle for survival!

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