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About us
Art and Design meet Technology


Sabido&Basteris was created with the philosophy that elegance, luxury, and style are eternal. This is why every piece is carefully handcrafted. Our ArgentoSB® allows you to have your own work of art.

All of our pieces are made with only the finest materials including silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious stones. The variety of shapes and hues of ArgentoSB® allows us to add an element of color in unexpected places.

El Camino Bracelet.png

Inspired by the beauty and majesty of nature, every Sabido&Basteris piece captures the fluidity of movement while maintaining the elegance and luminosity sought after by those with the most refined tastes.

ArgentoSB®, the precious metal for which Sabido&Basteris is known for all over the world is combined with extraordinary design to bring each piece a life its own.​

Made of pure silver, each strand of ArgentoSB® is half the diameter of a human hair. This new element in the world of jewelry is unlike traditional silver in that it does not oxidize, nor does it  change color, nor react to its environment. As such, it does not have to be cleaned as traditional silver. This durability combined with one of a kind design results in masterpieces that satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.

A New Element is Born
Argento SB
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In 2000 when Victor Sabido started his long journey he had no idea of what the future held in store for him. Up until that point, Victor's world revolved around finances as the CFO of various international companies.Victor was presented with the opportunity to invest in a jewelry manufacturing plant that was about to go out of business. Heknew that if he didn't invest, many hardworking people would lose their jobs.​Victor decided to take the plunge. However, in September of 2001 the City of New York was attacked by terrorists which caused many aspects of the world to change and the jewelry industry was hit hard. For Victor's small company it came down to closing its doors or finding another way to reinvent itself as much of the business the company relied on came from the United States.

Determined to see his small business grow, Victor began to spend more and more time at the plant. Slowly he started to step away from the world of finance and found himself working with his employees to give fruit to something no one expected.​

On one of his many trips to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, Victor got the chance to explore some newly discovered Mayan ruins. They had been untouched for many centuries. He saw the beauty and majesty of the murals along the walls. He saw these still vibrant colors and decided that there had to be a way to bring that kind of color to the world of jewelry that will stand the test of time. That is where the inspiration for what is now known as ArgentoSB® came from.

Maestro Sabido
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